ISC(2) Austin Chapter Volunteer Opportunities

Operating a non-profit organization can be hard work, but we’re committed that it is fun and enjoyable. We need motivated, inspired members like you! Together, we can make ISC(2) Austin Chapter the best place to share and learn about information security in Central Texas. There are numerous ISC(2) Austin Chapter volunteer opportunities. Surely, one is right for you!

  • Do you have too much free time?
  • Do you need more social interaction or spice in your life?
  • Are you looking for training and skills development? Do you need more CPEs?
  • Do you think we can do better in programming and events planning? Have you grown bored or tired of the same old same old?
  • Are you feeling stagnant in your career or participation? Is your interest waning?
  • Are you ready to spice up your information security career?

ISC(2) Austin Chapter has a variety of volunteer opportunities for every interest and skill level. Let’s work together. Join our leadership team!

Benefits Of Volunteering

  • Mentorship
  • Training
  • Skills development
  • Leadership development
  • Team participation
  • CPE’s

ISC(2) Austin Chapter Volunteer Opportunities

  • Officer roles
  • Executive Board

More About The Executive Board

As defined in the Chapter Articles of Association, the Executive Board is composed of the officers elected by the general membership.  The officers are responsible for the daily operation of the Association as described in the officers’ duties.  The order listed below indicates the order of succession to the presidency.  The following describes each officer’s duties:


The office of President is the primary person responsible for the business operation of the Association and presides at the regular membership meetings and the Executive Board meetings.

Vice President

There shall be one Vice President. He / She will have one vote on the Executive Board.  The Vice President is responsible for the performance of the President’s duties in the absence of the President. The Vice President, along with the Executive Board, is responsible for the program planning for the general membership meetings.


The Treasurer is responsible for all the funds of the association.  The Treasurer shall maintain a detailed listing of the clubs membership and dues records.


The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the non-financial records of the Association’s operations.  The Secretary provides meeting notes of all general membership and Executive Board meetings.

Membership Chair

The Membership Chair shall maintain the membership records for the Association.

Consider And Act

Now is your opportunity to make a real difference for the cybersecurity community in Austin.  We have a large (ISC)² population, and it takes time and commitment to grow the chapter and provide worthwhile program content.  With a small commitment of time, you can help us make the Austin Chapter the kind of organization we all deserve.  Please consider submitting your name as an officer, we need our membership engaged.

Thank you for your support,
– (ISC)² Austin Chapter Officers

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