July 2017 Meeting Video: Metasploit

The education portion of the July 2017 ISC(2) Austin Chapter meeting was about Metasploit.

Speakers were Brian O’Neill and Egypt of Rapid7.

Here’s the video of both the chapter meeting and education session.

Agenda Of The Education Session

  • Penetration Testing
  • Rapid7 and Metasploit
  • Metasploit Framework
  • Metasploit Pro
  • Other Tools
  • Takeaways

Penetration Testing

  • Often is required (e.g. by PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA)
  • Test and Verify Security controls
  • Adversarial testing is crucial
  • What we found among companies who let us talk about the results of their penetration testing:
    o Many people don’t know how often their organizations are pen tested

    o Of those who know, most are tested annually
    o Companies do the minimum regarding frequency of penetration testing (per regulatory requirements), which is usually not enough
    o Surprisingly, the most frequent penetration test result, among companies who allowed us share their finding, is nothing


    o “It’s super amateur hour in the malware world.”
    o “Exploitation is not always about vulnerabilities.”
    o “Phishing training does work.”
    o Vulnerable Service Emulator


ISC(2) Austin Chapter at Security Congress 2017

Security Congress was a big event, and we were there! These photos were taken by our very own ISC(2) Austin Chapter President, Tony Howlett. Here are a few highlights.

Teaser: We won awards! More about that coming soon.

Welcoming Reception
Bart Lauwers at our Reception table. Thank you, Bart!
ISC(2) CEO David Shearer cuts the ribbon to open the Security Congress.
Opening Keynote, given by Donald W. Freese, Deputy Assistant Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

More information about the Keynote is here.

ISC(2) Austin Chapter Call For Articles

Our members are looking for information in the following areas. If you have the following types of information to share, we’d be thrilled to make it available to our members. Please contact us to submit your article on these or other interesting topics.

Some Topics of Interest

  • Member interest survey
  • Audience interest survey
  • Link ByLaws to ByLaws post and link from Membership web page
  • Photos and bios of leaders to our website
  • Did Bart add the bar and grid under the green bar in the Membership page?
  • How to perform an information security risk assessment
  • Meeting PCI-DSS Compliance Requirements
  • Information Security Conferences in Austin and Central Texas
  • Low Cost CPE’s
  • Free CPE’s
  • Employment Opportunities for Information Security Professionals in Central Texas
  • Information Security Organizations In Austin and Central Texas
  • About our members
  • GDPR
  • Privacy
  • So You Want A Job In Information Security
  • Call for Speakers
  • Call for Articles/Blog posts
  • Is ISC(2) Membership For You?
  • Consulting Skills
  • Other Timely, Interesting, Engaging, Informative, and Inspiring Subjects

Submission Guidelines

Submitted articles should be:

    • 300 words or more
    • Create Section titles to improve readability of articles longer than 300 words
    • No section of an article greater than 300 words between section titles
    • Use AMI Headline tool to produce high quality headline and section titles
    • Use readability analyzer to validate it’s easy to read

Call For Speakers

February 2017 blockchain discussion moderator Bart Lauwers

If you’re able to deliver value to our members and guests in one or more of the following areas, please contact us.

Our intention for speakers is to educate everyone from expert to novice while keeping it entertaining and interesting for everyone.

1. Networking opportunities

2. Staying abreast of trends in information security:

  • insight into cloud
  • seeing abreast of threats
  • threat vectors
  • how threats change
  • staying in front of different threats
  • getting a handle on how to control or understand the kill chain

3. Enabling consultants to tell clients:

  • what they should be looking for
  • so they can make the best choice of where to put their available information security funds
  • what they should be protecting against
  • how to protect themselves
  • How to assess third-party risk

4. Enabling security analysts to know:

  • Where to be looking out
  • Where to go threat hunting
  • What you’ve learned from different threats in the past
  • What kind of technology investment or training is most valuable
  • What 3rd party tools are worth more consideration

August 14th, 2017 Chapter Meeting, Christian Renaud, 451 Research, to present “Securing the IoT”

Christian Renaud, Director of 451 Research’s Internet of Things practice, will present “Securing the Internet of Things, one vertical at a time” August 14th at Indeed.com, 6433 Champion Grandview Way, Austin 78750.

Christian covers the ongoing virtualization and digitization of the physical world around us. For 25 years before joining 451 Research, Christian built nationwide networks at large and small enterprises, worked with Fortune 50 companies in the systems integrator channel, and ran Cisco Systems’s New Markets and Technologies team. He has been the CEO of multiple startups, worked in venture and angel capital, and has served as an advisor to G20 and European Commission projects.

Here’s the video

February 2017 Chapter Meeting: Blockchain Panel Discussion

February 2017 blockchain discussion panelists

Discussion was lively. Panelists were informed and passionate. From left to right:

  • Tony Howlett, Austin ISC(2) Chapter President and creator of AureusCoin, a Bitcoin-based crypto-currency
  • Jeremy Drzal, founder and CEO of Block512
  • Gautham Pamu, Blockchain Solution Architect for IBM Blockchain Labs
  • Andrew Donoho, Board Member of Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Austin

February 2017 blockchain discussion panelists
February 2017 Blockchain Discussion Panelists

February 2017 blockchain discussion panelists
February 2017 Blockchain Discussion Panelists

February 2017 blockchain discussion panelists
February 2017 Blockchain Discussion Panelists

February 2017 blockchain discussion moderator Bart Lauwers
February 2017 Blockchain Panel Discussion moderator Bart Lauwers

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